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Laugarfell Highland Hostel is located in the eastern part of the Icelandic Highlands, a bit north from Mount SnŠfell. There are only two km.from the road that leads to Kßrahnj˙kar to the hostel and it is the only part of road that is not paved. In the summer there is good access to Laugarfell in all kinds of vehicles.

Laugarfell Highland Hostel offers accommodation for 34 people. Two natural pools are located by the hostel and according to old folk tales the water is known for its healing powers.

There are many interesting tracking paths around Laugarfell and a number of beautiful waterfalls. Additionally, one can expect to see reindeers wandering around the area of Laugarfell.

The hostel is open from the 1st of June to the end of September.

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